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Petra de Geus

Petra - Polymer Bead Artist
Petra has been working with polymer clay for 12 years. She was fortunate enough to be one of 12 selected artists in a juried exhibiton of Polymer clay beads and this resulted in her starting her business, Zigzag Polymer clay supplies. Although she now has little time to create she has found some to develop working miniature lamps for dolls houses.
She recently also managed to find some time to produce some work using translucent clays and metallic clays.

Petra's Beads - dedication to my Mum
Petra's Work
Clickety Stix

Floral Bead
Helen McLachlan - Name Pins
Helen has been creating Polymer name pins for many years Her pins are sold worldwide and are very popular with teachers and nurses.

Catherine Creations's Name pins

Visit the "NEW" Catherines Creations website to order

Nurse Name Pin
Karyn Flanagan - Name Pins
Karyn has been creating Polymer name pins for many years Her pins are sold worldwide and are very popular with teachers and nurses.

Karyn Flanagans Name pins

Visit the "NEW" website to order direct

Nurse Name Pin
Jewel Lewis - Teeny Tiny minis
Jewel Lewis is known worldwide for her wonderful sculpted bears. My friend Gordon was adopted from her bear hug. She is also a talented minaturist and has made many sculpted miniatures from polymer clay. Although she works with resin for quantity she still sculpts all her wonderful originals from polymer clay.

Small Product's

Hayley Robinson - Polymer Artist
Hayley Robinson is a self-employed Wellington Artist who works in polymer clay. She makes every polymer clay item by hand using her own designs. Hayley's range includes earrings, necklaces, brooches, buttons, fridge magnets and touchable 3-D artworks.
Hayley has a fierce love for all things New Zealand and anyone who calls themselves a New Zealander. The majority of her work features native New Zealand birds (though she also manufactures a cat range, a teddy bear range and an N.Z. Fairies range) and where possible she likes to source materials from New Zealand suppliers. Visit Hayley's work

Hayley's Page
Hayley's Website

Little Blue Penguin
Nina Klauke - Polymer Artist
Nina says " I began claying in 1996 trying to come up with an alternative to fabric bows on terra cotta pots which were popular at the time. My Designs range in sizes, themes and colour, from cat's watching sunsets, fairies tending to plants, butterflies resting on a flower or pigs sitting under a tree smelling a flower. The designs are created and baked and later glued onto a painted and varnished pot. Little did I know in '96 that a simple idea would take over so much of our house and spare time, but let's face it I wouldn't have it any other way." Visit Nina's work


Fairy Pot
Barbara Klauke - Dress Jewellery
Barbara is a native of Germany but now calls New Zealand her home. Her pieces are created from found objects and metallic powders. Each piece is individual and beautifully crafted. If you wish to see more of her pieces or perhaps own one, then visit her page by clicking here.

Barbara's Creations

Prue Miller - Doll Sculptor
Prue Miller is a highly regarded doll sculptor. She lives in the beautiful central region of New Zealand and here spends her time creating her magnificent pieces and tending her garden. She is often invited to judge the Original doll sections of national doll shows and also travels around New Zealand taking workshops teaching the art of Doll sculpting.

Alison Leslie - Original doll sculptor
Alison lives in Te Aroha and has been sculpting in polymer since 1997. She travels New Zealand introducing people to the art of Doll Sculpting. In 2000 she created this wonderful quilt for which she won a top quiltmakers award. The windsurfer is sculpted in Super Sculpey. Congratulations Alison "What a wonderful piece"

Femke Pennings - Little Babies
Femke is originally from the Netherlands and recently returned there to live. She began making her babies some years ago. Since her return to the Netherlands she has experimented more and more with Polymer clay and is enjoying the opportunity to find and meet other clay artists in Europe.

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