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The medium Polymer Clay lends itself to being used my many artists and crafters in all types of genres. Around our part of the world, we have many folk using it and the resulting types of work can be found in these Galleries.
As an artist myself I'm always thrilled to receive pictures from people around New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific who buy their polymer clay from Zigzag. Often a parcel of Polymer will leave us and a week or two later a wonderful email will arrive with glorious pictures. I've always felt a need to show off the work of these artists and for this reason began this website. Some of the artists here work professionally in this medium others create as a means of releasing their muse, other still create for the pure joy of creating. Many sell their work so whenever possible a direct contact email has been provided for you so that you can contact the artist directly.
From miniatures to sculptures, from buttons to dolls, enjoy your visit.
Please allow download time for images
Work from Artists in our area
Pendant by Nina
Craig Massey
Created by Leighann Randle
View more of Leighann's work
Created by Ayelet
View more of Ayelet's work
Christmas Decoration
By Tina Dudley
View more of Tina's work
Hei Tiki by Vicki
Ruth Hay
Sculpted by Jo Carter
View more of Jo's work
Hei Tiki Pendant
Created by Vicki Morehu
View more of Vicki's work
Gem Baby
Sculpted by Ruth Hay
View more of Ruth's work
Pendant by Nina
Craig Massey
Sculpted by Lex Sorrentino
View more of Lex's work
Created by Nina Klauke
View more of Nina's work
By Craig Massey
Bloomin Kids
Hayley Robinson
Magnets and Jewellery
View more of Hayley's work
Blooming Kids
Scrapbook Page
More layout ideas
Karina Kayes
Sterling silver ring with liquid sculpey inlay
Translucent Bead
Celtic Bead
View more of Petra's work
Heather Richmond
Jewellery Artist
View more of Heather's work
Ella Risebrow
Doll Sculptor
View more of Ella's work
Tanya Marriott
Toy Designer
View more of Tanya's work
Kylie Matheson
View more of Kylie's work
Rebecca Woodley
Jewellery Designer
View more of Rebecca's work
Leonie Bull
Doll Artist
Sharon Tracey
Polymer Clay Fan
View more of Sharon's work
Cathy Bell
Doll Artist
View more of Cathy's work

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